Rediscovering Community

When you speak to the older generation today they have plenty of stories about how community used to be 'back in the day'. Or as Uncle Albert from 'Only Fools and Horses' put it... "during the war"...  Yes, great stories of how life used to be. But what has happened in such a short space of time?  At one time there was a pub on every other street corner and people who lived in the same street or even on the same estate knew one another well.  Churches were the centre of society, social groups were thriving in community halls throughout the country. Where has it all gone?

The short answer is, unfortunately we have become consumers.  A self-centred, materialistic and individualistic driven nation.  The days when you knew every neighbour on your street are long gone.  Fast food restaurants, supermarkets, online shopping and the stresses of working as many hours as possible to be able to afford that new something means that we have little or no time for...

Community?  It's gone!!!

So... and this is a long slow sooooooo...  One of our main desires at Living Water Fellowship is for community. For all the people out there in Wednesbury longing for friendship, relationships and to be a part of something, to become part of a loving community.  Our hope is that people will find that and much, much more at LWF.  This is something we are trying to achieve.  Sharing meals, our lives, possessions, knowing our neighbour and what their needs are so we can help them out and be there for them.  Maybe even praying for them in our wonderful town.  Yes, you can continue to be an individual but as part of a diverse community who live in peace and unity where all people are equal.  Now doesn't that sound good?

Living Water Fellowship, rediscovering community.

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